Average Trade Value (+)

This is the recommendation list composing of "liquid" stocks that you are better off to work with. For the counter-report of "illiquid" stocks to avoid, check the Average Trade Value (Worst) page.

The ASTRA Average Trade Value Report is a liquidity report ranking the most traded stocks. It is an enhancement over the generic "Most Active Report". One weakness of the "Most Active Report" is that it views the performance of a stock trade value on an existing day and as we know, this is not consistent. It's blinds the average trader by assuming that a stock is gaining momentum (popularity) however it does not paint a whole picture. You are famous today, a nobody the next... what we need is to find those stocks who are consistently creating value and not one-trick ponies. So if we can compare it with a short-term to long-term average performance, we can determine the popularity better. A liquid stock is a safer and more stable as it is easier to trade when needed (there will always be supply and demand for it).

This report list the most famous stocks who have a strong trade value on average and are the focus of most players. We are not saying though that these stocks will remain on this list forever. Just like in the entertainment industry, people eventually may get tired or bored rooting for the same celebrity and will go for the newest and freshest face in the market. So be sure to check back from each season to see who will rise and fall on this game show!

Top 100 Most Popular stocks

Note: Currently sorted by 5 Day X-Price Value as this works best for daily traders

Note that the data may be outdated as new records are only processed by 5PM GMT +8:00 after PSE market closes. Until then, all records you see are from the previous trading date.
ALI 27.2 490.881M 586.052M 770.402M
SM 932.0 324.907M 384.626M 442.985M
ICT 314.2 507.286M 478.014M 417.885M
AC 585.0 252.108M 224.178M 254.347M
AEV 39.0 117.615M 155.148M 244.196M
JFC 221.0 194.963M 257.622M 239.562M
MBT 64.3 238.983M 275.632M 239.185M
BDO 146.4 457.609M 340.248M 225.883M
BPI 115.5 326.871M 276.156M 218.443M
SMPH 29.3 247.175M 201.705M 198.12M
SCC 28.75 105.562M 146.445M 143.14M
URC 96.0 165.925M 133.109M 130.53M
TEL 1.27K 84.079M 97.839M 119.286M
GTCAP 625.0 92.957M 80.041M 83.326M
GLO 1.724K 51.666M 64.039M 67.559M
CNVRG 9.53 46.454M 42.322M 63.463M
BLOOM 10.0 75.221M 52.326M 62.335M
MER 345.8 80.726M 65.201M 60.384M
PGOLD 24.1 36.18M 41.755M 45.328M
ACEN 3.1 43.382M 43.003M 45.127M
MWC 21.0 42.625M 39.059M 44.742M
RLC 14.62 33.72M 30.288M 44.52M
DMC 10.72 84.186M 107.427M 43.887M
SGP 9.2 17.146M 26.843M 43.456M
JGS 29.45 51.767M 48.432M 41.015M
AP 35.8 74.783M 95.667M 40.63M
SECB 68.3 20.613M 26.92M 40.334M
WLCON 22.0 47.611M 52.196M 38.242M
EMP 17.2 59.428M 55.511M 38.001M
AREIT 32.7 29.893M 26.755M 36.029M
PRIM 4.18 10.094M 17.448M 33.044M
RCI 1.97 29.201M 28.928M 30.647M
CNPF 36.0 53.892M 44.909M 28.135M
MEG 1.74 23.512M 24.795M 26.535M
PLC 0.83 27.292M 15.543M 21.486M
LR 2.27 8.051M 11.688M 21.439M
DNL 7.06 18.69M 23.44M 19.083M
CHP 2.03 35.329M 17.881M 18.983M
GREEN 1.53 13.622M 15.948M 18.805M
LTG 9.42 28.736M 19.367M 18.155M
APX 2.89 15.776M 12.686M 16.1M
AGI 9.5 21.149M 16.255M 14.508M
KEP 15.74 3.792M 7.585M 12.956M
EAGLE 21.65 3.464M 6.541M 12.938M
SEVN 81.5 62.288M 9.083M 12.268M
FGEN 19.3 7.86M 9.206M 10.958M
CEB 28.0 7.329M 10.277M 9.766M
MRC 1.33 2.264M 4.24M 8.225M
SMC 100.0 9.718M 9.408M 7.901M
GMA7 8.85 8.252M 11.616M 7.561M
SSI 3.79 9.063M 7.916M 7.038M
CHIB 37.0 15.318M 9.207M 6.473M
ABA 1.05 16.377M 16.128M 6.024M
APL 0.01 2.528M 3.64M 5.523M
NIKL 3.97 10.404M 5.778M 5.233M
UBP 41.2 7.561M 7.446M 5.065M
COL 2.36 1.444M 2.606M 5.027M
CLI 2.63 3.636M 4.271M 4.974M
FRUIT 1.1 3.889M 6.788M 4.636M
DD 7.9 2.355M 2.807M 4.629M
RRHI 36.0 8.858M 4.631M 3.814M
FB 47.5 2.616M 3.143M 3.79M
FPH 64.6 2.399M 2.073M 3.246M
PX 2.85 4.017M 3.381M 3.18M
GSMI 163.9 2.501M 4.14M 2.97M
DITO 2.07 5.737M 5.337M 2.955M
SHLPH 10.94 1.878M 2.222M 2.848M
PIZZA 9.5 1.771M 1.842M 2.751M
AT 4.01 1.574M 1.69M 2.701M
PNB 19.3 2.78M 2.581M 2.658M
ACEX 15.14 3.538M 3.467M 2.292M
SPC 9.4 1.578M 1.476M 2.225M
PXP 3.43 862.957K 1.223M 2.093M
IMI 1.61 2.894M 1.539M 2.087M
ION 1.18 2.112M 1.465M 2.002M
FNI 1.54 1.141M 1.378M 1.987M
MM 0.84 1.329M 1.569M 1.855M
ANI 0.56 3.936M 2.95M 1.84M
BKR 1.27 700.437K 1.002M 1.833M
COSCO 4.73 3.038M 2.112M 1.794M
STI 0.76 1.665M 1.234M 1.738M
NOW 0.94 1.784M 1.267M 1.713M
ABS 3.22 1.384M 1.216M 1.528M
SHNG 3.45 1.081M 1.353M 1.494M
HOME 0.92 2.439M 1.934M 1.451M
ALLHC 1.79 1.937M 1.251M 1.443M
ATN 0.57 4.242M 4.499M 1.334M
FMETF 92.3 3.041M 1.603M 1.295M
PHR 0.75 1.385M 1.411M 1.225M
ELI 0.156 1.028M 1.205M 1.169M
RCB 23.65 1.597M 595.275K 1.105M
FLI 0.67 1.21M 966.251K 985.105K
PAL 5.8 280.215K 504.533K 928.369K
MRSGI 1.42 1.054M 1.792M 925.572K
GEO 0.077 552.455K 684.698K 912.052K
BSC 0.164 1.08M 878.882K 909.332K
AUB 39.5 1.852M 2.146M 863.018K
CDC 0.71 959.25K 782.409K 845.737K
EEI 4.95 1.031M 553.47K 802.425K
PCOR 3.1 1.222M 766.062K 771.245K